Personal development programmes are customised for each individual/group’s needs. Clients engage in hands-on activities and discuss topics relevant to their current goals. Personal Development programmes are based around a psycho educational approach that can be used as early intervention strategy to promote mental health and well- being.

We offer group workshops that cover a range of topics such as communication, leadership, healthy relationships and much more. We offer half or full day training depending on group need/size. This involves on the ground equine interactions and room based activities. Weather permitting; we will use the outdoor spaces.

Residential packages are available for groups who want an immersive experience with everything equine. These fun filled overnight stays for families and groups include horse riding, surfing, wall climbing, outdoor activities, heritage trails and much more. We have beautiful rural countryside at our fingertips which we invite you to come and explore. Our established Big Buddy’s programme offers younger children the opportunity for half day horse camps, this includes grooming, horse care, stable maintenance and riding opportunities in small peer groups with a designated mentor. (Max 4 per group).

We also offer bespoke packages so you can create and design your own programme to suit you/ your group’s needs. Just give us a call and we will tailor the programme to your requirements.