Is it safe? 

We have made every effort to ensure all are programmes are safe and all risks have been assessed and managed but we are happy to discuss any of your concerns in person.

All our horses are well trained, placid animals that enjoy human interaction.

Will I get to ride the horses? 

There is no riding during sessions. We believe that working with horses on the ground is not only safer for you, but also enables you to form a more authentic relationship with your horse without the interference of bridles and saddles. Although engaging in riding lessons is not permitted during one of our programmes, we can assist you in transitioning to recreational therapeutic riding after the programme has ended.

What will a typical session look like? 

Upon arrival we will go through to a private area where we will go through some essential paperwork, discuss the outline of your programme and set some goals to work towards during your time at Equine Enrichment.

We will then go and meet the horses to allow you time to interact and decide which horse you would like to work with each week.

What should I wear? 

We recommend that you wear something that feels comfortable to you. As we are outside with horses, you can expect your clothes and shoes to get a little dirty! We strongly encourage you to refrain from wearing sandals, open-toed shoes, and steel-toed boots. We recommend boots and closed-toe shoes with a strong sole.

Children under the age of 18 are required to wear appropriate footwear during interaction with horses. Boots may be available for you to borrow during your session. Helmets are not required, but are available upon request. We encourage you to bring water, sunscreen, and take any medication for hay fever/allergies etc before arriving at the yard. Layers, hats, and gloves are strongly encouraged during the winter months.

Scheduling/ cancelling a session? 

Please contact us at least 24 hours prior to cancelling your appointment. We ask that all clients arrive on time for their appointment to avoid missing time from your hour session. We will always try to organise a time/day that is convenient for you and when possible, we will keep to the same time/day each week throughout your programme.

Do you cancel sessions if it’s raining, too hot, or too cold? 

We try to avoid cancelling sessions due to weather except when absolutely necessary. During inclement weather such as rain or extreme hot/cold temperatures, we may move the session to a covered area or indoors. If we need to cancel a session then a staff member will contact you and explain why.