“I particularly like visiting your yard Patricia. Everything is will organised and the horses are always looking well.” DARD Vet (annual inspection) 

“I like working at your yard best. The horses know their job and lessons are well organised.” BHS Instructor

“She sits up straight and smiles when she is out here.” Parent of child with autism

“I don’t worry, Nemo sees for me.” (This lady achieved her BHS Riding and Road Safety) Visually impaired adult

“It keeps me off the drink. I love the fact that Fawney loves me, just for me.” Recovering alcoholic

“It makes me feel happy. When I come out here I can leave all my troubles at home, things just don’t seem as bad.” Boy, aged 12

“This place helps me clear my head so I can think straight.” Young person, aged 16

“When I leave after a session I always feel so motivated. It’s such a positive experience.” Young adult, aged 19

“I can’t believe how relaxing today was, even for me and I am supposed to be working!” Referral agent

“We got to spend time together as a family.” Kinship Family