Why Choose Us

We provide an innovative approach to traditional therapy that is currently offered, using horses and the open, natural space they inhabit as the main catalyst for positive change.

As a result, people of all ages can avail of our services.

We are especially interested in working with those who are reluctant to engage with traditional room based, talking therapies.

We believe that working in such a non threatening environment will help reduce the stigma attached around mental health and will encourage people to seek help during times of turmoil.

We use horses as partners for learning, personal change and the therapeutic benefits they have to offer in a rich, natural learning environment.

We are the leading pioneer of Equine Assisted Personal Development and Psychotherapy programmes in the North West of Ireland.

Our programmes do not involve horse riding, all work is based on the ground in a large open space; no experience with horses is required; making it both safe and effective for everyone.

We work with a number of British Horse Society, Riding for the Disabled and Aire approved fully insured equine facilities that ensure the highest standards of care for all animals.